Recommendations for a TV capture card?

I am looking for a hardware encoder USB capture card that will work with MythTV. I have a older tower running mythTV with a hauppauge PCI card that I am thinking of retiring. I have a small netbook I would like to use for this purpose now which of course has no PCI slots. I has hoping some one could recommend a USB unit that is both in current production and would work with relative ease.

To get a good recommendation, you need to disclose

  • what TV stardard you’re trying to capture and/or
  • what the source you’re trying to capture is from
  • what format you wish the content to be encoded into
  • what kernel you’re using

Otherwise, you may solicit suggestions which simply have zero applicability to you. In any regard, when you answer those questions, try the linuxtv wiki and mythtv mailing lists, as you’ll likely find appropriate suggestions

Right now I would appreciate any suggestion. I would like a card with a hardware based encoder as that limits the need for processing on the computer CPU. The old one I had was a MPEG 2 encoder but format doesn’t matter so much. Source would be cable(NTSC) possibly some digital stuff(ATSC) as well however it is the analog stuff I require. As I don’t currently have this machine set up there is no operating system on it but depending on the install date I would assume it will be higher than 3.16.7-21.