Recommendation for local "cloud" backup?

Hi all,

I’ve used Spideroak the last five years. Recently they lowered the price for my plan substantially (40%), but there’s no migration path for current users. It appears that I have to cancel my current account - which will delete everything already stored in their servers - and create a new one. I’ve sent a couple support requests (a month and a week ago), both where acknowledged, but no answers yet. It feels like they don’t want to make it easy to migrate, perhaps…

One temporary solution would be to install a local “cloud” backup system, until I create a new account and sync everything back, or choose another, more accessible provider (Google Drive costs 1/4 of what I’m paying today for the same storage size) - or even stay with the local solution, depending on how it goes.

I have at least three desktops on my LAN plus one laptop and one netbook. Currently two desktops sync my work and archive folders between them and to Spideroak, and the netbook only sync the work folder.

The main capacities this local system would need to have, by order of preference, are:

  1. Sync between folders, which may not have the exact same paths in each computer.

  2. History capability, i.e., keeping the previous versions of the backed-up files, preferably in diff form, allowing easy “download” of any version to a user-specified.

  3. Automatic backup, as opposed to scheduled or on-demand. This means a client in each computer monitors the chosen backup folders and start the process when it detects a change - for example, when I save a file I’m working on.

  4. GUI interface.

  5. Possibility of accessing the files through the internet. This is not essential, I doubt I used it three times altogether.

Also no encryption is required.

There are packages for owncloud, nextcloud, seafile on openSUSE software search.

What system do you think would fit best given the requirements above?

Thank you,

I use Crashplan. It pretty much does all that you describe. It has a Linux client which you download from their site - - which runs without a problem on Leap 42.1 and 42.2. I suspect it works fine on 13.2 as well. It does tend to use a fair amount of memory, though.

Thanks, bearymore, I’ll take a look. In principle I’d prefer something open source, as it only need to be local (no need for external servers), but I’m not fanatic. :wink:
But it probably would be overkill to implement something more sophisticated like owncloud, I think.

Note: in item 2 of my initial post, where I wrote

allowing easy “download” of any version to a user-specified.

it should have been

allowing easy “download” of any version to a user-specified folder.

All computers have at least 8 GB RAM and run oS 13.x or 42.1 + KDE. I suppose this should be enough?

As a follow-up, started experimenting with Syncthing. So far so good…

Yeah, I have heard that it is pretty good.