Recommend long-range wireless mouse/keyboard?

I currently have a wireless mouse and keyboard but the mouse frequently doesn’t work unless i move the keyboard further away so it’s not in the direct wireless path from the mouse to the wireless USB stick. A thick book on the desk causes the same issue. So I’m looking for a mouse that has a stronger signal. Can anyone recommend one?

So there must be a million or so wireless keyboards and mice you could buy. I have had good luck with the MS Keyboard/mouse combo model 3000 with the 2.4 GHz USB transmitter. I no longer recall how far its supposed to work, but at least 10 feet with the USB on the PC back, and maybe 12 feet if you plug it in on the front. Using the front is taking a chance I can say as I had my daughter hit and break my previous one and I even had to replace the case as the built-in USB socket was broken. So I am very hesitant to leave anything plugged into the front USB PC outlets. I like the 2.4 GHz versions and I would look into that unless you need more range.

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I am using a hp wireless keyboard/mouse
No problem as far as 10 feet when I am using it in the tv room
No problem also when closer to the machine, I use it on my laptop
when doing some blender works.

I’m using a Logitech K360 keybord and a Logitech M705 Mouse with the Unifying Receiver without any problems at all. I just love them … small footprint keyboard and comfortable mouse. :wink:

The reason I asked is I already have a 2.4ghz one: (this one: Original Logitech USB Receiver for Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro M/n. Y-rbn90 (Keyboard), M-rcr147r (Mouse): Computers & Accessories Support + Downloads: Cordless Desktop Wave Pro - Logitech ) and it isn’t working well. The mouse is about 3 feet from the receiver and the only thing between the two is the wood top of my desk (about 3/4 inch thick) and the keyboard. But that’s enough to cause problems where the mouse becomes unresponsive until I move the keyboard.

Can you see how well it works when there’s an obstruction between the mouse and the receiever? For example, hold the keyboard between the two and see how the mouse works (that’s the problem I get).

Had a similar problem, solved by pluggin the receiver into usb extension cable and hanging it on the wall.
But that was long ago, switched to wired mice since then, for better response time.

I just tried it and I am using it now, I can tell it is good.
It is connected in the laptop, I use the mouse at one of the side wall of a
shelving unit at least 5’-0" away and the usb control attached to the laptop is hidden and I coverde it also with
a plastic box/container still it worked. Tried what you suggested and still no problem.
The battery of this is now almost one year old.
If you ask me the model of this hp wireless, there is no indication here
but the P/N #. which is P/N KZ256AA REV.1.2

Thanks! I’ll look into that.

Any new recommendations from people for good mouse/keyboard combos?