Recommandet Wifi-adapter

I’m strugling to get wifi to work stable. I’ve an 7 year old Dell Studio 17 with a Broadcom Limited BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi-adapter (mini-PCI)
I always get problems in connecting to wifi after reboot after system update. It seems like there is some problem between BC43-driver, KDE Network Manager and KWallet Manager.

The problem is that the wifi refuse to connect with no errors. Sometimes it repeatedly ask for the PSK-passpfrase even if i enter the correct one. What seems to work is to enable connetion to all users, so i have to enter root-password to can connect after reboot.
When i get this problem, i have to delete Wifi-profile, reboot, connect (refuse to connect, no error-msg), reboot, edit Wifi-profile to allow all users to use this connection, enter root-password, reboot, manual click connect, enter root-password, enter KWallet passpfrase, enter WPA2-key, refuse to connect, click again manual connect, now it connect.
Now it will work until new Dist Update and the problem is back. Sometimes it refuse to connect at all and i have to rollback to previous version. It doesn’t matter if i connect til 5GHz or 2,4GHz. It doens’t matter what user i’m logged into. When it refuse to connect, the SSID disappeare from the list over available networks. I have to delete the profile or reboot computer to make it appear again.

So i suspect the B43-adapter and its driver is in so bad shape and so full of bugs, that i want to replace it.

So what mini-PCI Wifi-adapter is to recommand?

I cannot recommend any particular card, but I’d avoid broadcom, ralink and mediatek, because they are open source unfriendly. I know some broadcom cards working unreliably even on windows :wink: Atheros and intel cards always worked for me, so I’d pick some of these.