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Hi guys!
I’m new on OpenSUSE, I’ve came from Kubuntu.
What repositories do you recomend for KDE4 desktop?



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quisoc;1910618 Wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I’m new on OpenSUSE, I’ve came from Kubuntu.
> What repositories do you recomend for KDE4 desktop?
> Thanks!

Here is the list for KDE 4.1.3 repositories (Stable):
‘KDE/Repositories - openSUSE’
( Version xx.x need
to match with your openSuSE version.
Do not forget to add the Qt repositories:
11.0 -,
11.1 -
How to add repositories in YaST: ‘Add Package Repositories to YaST -
openSUSE’ (
I recommend this. :slight_smile:

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In addition to those listed here: ‘Package Repositories - openSUSE’
One can/must add packman (and other if wanted): ‘Additional YaST
Package Repositories - openSUSE’

There are also lot of OBS repositeries made by users.


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Just in case you were looking more for advice on which repos to keep
enabled for a SUPPORTED system rather than bleeding edge, I decided to
add a post.

When you check out that page regarding YaST repos, you’ll see oss,
non-oss, updates. Those 3 are how to keep fully supported by Online
Update repos on your system.

But of course if you want your multimedia to work, you’ll need to
activate, for ONLY ONE PACKAGE, then deactivate the vlc repo, installing
libdvdcss then deleting the repo.

Then you add the Packman repo, which you can always leave enabled as
they build their packages to upgrade and co-exist with the standard oss
and non-oss OpenSUSE repos.

For ati or nvidia 3D drivers you can also add the one there that
matches your card. Older ATI Radeons up through the x850 series do not
need the additional driver install as the included ati radeon driver
includes 3D support for those cards. For more info see the pages (search up top) for either ATI or NVidia and
Compiz Fusion.

Once KDE releases KDE4 4.2, you may want to add those KDE repos and
upgrade, or not, it’s up to you. But anything other than oss, non-oss,
and updates is unofficial. Of course, nearly everyone goes ahead anyway
especially for Packman and their videocard drivers!

For the latest Wine, there’s a Wine repo. The Mozilla repo is usually
not necessary as Online Updates eventually upgrades Firefox and
Thunderbird. But if you want the update quicker (sometimes takes quite
a long time before it gets to Online Updates) it’s available.

VirtualBox also has a Build Service repo, but of course it’s the oss
version just like on the SUSE oss repo, just upgraded to the latest.
Most install either from the virtualbox repo on the
download website or they download the full version .run file and install
it themselves.

There are lots of choices for you! Nowadays it’s even easier to find
software you want from a repo you don’t currently have activated in YaST
Software by searching at (click the big find
software thing on the right and it’ll bring you to the Build Service
search page) or through webpin. They even have one-click installers
that’ll install the repos along with the software.

In you open the repositories in YaST Software Management and choose the
additional 3rd party one, you’ll get a built in list of some of the most
popular ones to choose from.

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Thanks to all!! :slight_smile:


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