Recently Migrated from Ubuntu to SuSe

Hello community. I’m running the GNOME version of openSuSe 11.4, and I find it really amazing. I havent ran into any major bugs, it’s easy to use, and runs smoothly enough for me to be productive.

I have a couple questions.

  1. I just installed Wine. The applications work, but their image seems to be a greyed over photo. Is it possible to give them the image that existed for the Ubuntu version?
  2. How exactly would I go about installing a photoshop version on SuSe? Some people have had success, but I’m wondering if there’s an official method.

Yeah, I know Gimp exists. I’ve used it, but… GIMP is like MS Paint the same way Sai is like Photoshop.

Hello and welcome here.

I do not know how it functions in other forums, but most people here first have a glance at the titles of new topics to see if there is a thread they might be of any help. Thus your title “Recently Migrated from Ubuntu to SuSe” will not draw tthe attention of people knowing something about Wine, nor those knowing something of photoshop. It will draw the attention of people that think they can congratulate you with the move, or people that ask you if you are satisfied with the move and more of the like.

Thus if you are interested in getting people looking into your problems, please take the time and effort to post every question in it’s own thread in the most fitting sub-forum and give it an advertising title.

And for a photoshop like thing, I guess most people here use the Gimp and are fully satisfied with it’s possibilities.