Recently got an HP Desktop...

Used for $50.00. It was a HP Pavillion a815n. Minus the hard drive, and memory… So I’ve started to flesh-out the innards with a sata drive, memory, but since I’m on a bi-weekly paying job I’ll be getting parts here and there and build it up. But I’m fairly familiar with Linux. As I’ve Ubuntu 606 LTS on an old laptop of mine, and then switched over to Mandriva as I didn’t care for Ubuntu really. But the laptop died recently… So I opted with SUSE 11.1 from some good reviews, etc I read on it. So that went on the system last week.

So anyways now I have my HP Pavillion with SUSE on it right next to my Gateway (my warhorse of the past 4 yrs or so) next to it. But once I bought a sound card this past weekend for my Linux Pavillion I moved my Bose speakers to it, and my crappy Creative speakers to the Gateway.

The sound on the HP blows away the XP machine. I barely have to even turn the volume up and my cat run into the next room. And it plays movies and music better than my XP machine.

And since I used to do alot of photo editing on Photoshop since I was doing photography freelance for awhile. I had a 22inch monitor on the Gateway… Well that 22inch is now on my Linux machine and the 17inch over on the Gateway… lol! Gradually switching stuff over but obviously I’ll be holding on both rigs for quite awhile anyways. Got alot of data to save… May wind up eventually converting the Gateway over… but I doubt it since I need that for my Blackberry to update software, etc.

But so far the only gripe I have with Linux is my scanner isn’t supported from what I read on other posts here. The Canon LiDE 90… Nor does Canon support Linux from the feedback I got from Canon one day via email… >:( But other than that… I LOVE MY LINUX RIG.

I just wish the updates that are being installed to my system were done with already… been going since I got up for work at 3am this morning. Well back to work for a few more hours tonight… Back later…

Welcome! I’m glad that you’re enjoying openSUSE. I have a canon scanner that i managed to get working with genesys drivers have a read here and here though maybe your model is too new. Canon have cr*p support especially when it comes to Linux


Thanks for the info, once my system finishes updating I’ll go through the links and check the stuff out.