Recent updates have logged a mkinitrd error

opensuse 13.2
linux 3.16.7-24-desktop x86_64

The last couple of updates have output the error shown below. mkinitrd certainly exists.

Should I worry about this?

Output of mdadm-3.3.1-5.17.1.x86_64.rpm %posttrans script:
    /usr/lib/module-init-tools/regenerate-initrd-posttrans: line 46: mkinitrd: command not found
$ sudo which mkinitrd

Yes, but /sbin is not necessarily in PATH when scripts are run. Actually, there is bug report about it which has been apparently fixed in Factory but it is not public. I suggest you open bug report and point to this changelog from Factory suse-module-tools:

Tue Jun 23 14:39:46 UTC 2015 -

- Use absolute path to mkinitrd (bsc#935566)

I would have. I tried. I went to <>, selected “File a Bug,” and did not know what to do next. It is an alien Bugzilla, quite unlike any other where I have submitted reports. It asks for data I am clueless to provide.

I went to the wrong Bugzilla site. After going to <>, submitting the report made more sense.

report <>