Recent update zapped all audio devices for user:me

After a recent update, I found that I appeared to have no audio devices (kde plasma). Naturally, I did all the obvious system level things, to no avail, so I bit the bullet, and reinstalled the OS, because I’m about as smart as a brick. Hooray! I have audio on a default kde desktop. Remounted my old ‘home’ partition so I got all my desktop settings back, and, yep, you guessed it, no audio devices visible.

‘Oh Dear, that’s a little disappointing’ I said, or words to that effect, and wondered what to do next.

I’m still wondering.

  1. Does anyone know of away a recent update might have interacted with my KDE settings so I could no longer see audio devices?
  2. Does anyone have an idea how I should approach debugging this?
  3. Should I be posting this in another forum instead?


To begin with, this subforum is OK.

Are the devices visible but unavailable, or don’t they show up at all ?

If you have not done so already, install pavucontrol and run that. It allows you to pick the default devices for output / input

Vanished: no sign of them whatsoever.

Will do.


Couldn’t connect to pulse audio. I took this as a clue, renamed ~/.config/pulse to get a default one written, and restarted my session. All is automagically better!

I’ll compare the new and old dirs when I’m in a better state of mind.

I guess this teaches me that (2 beers + stress) = (many beers in happier times)

Thanks for your help

This just happened to me with the most recent Tumbleweed update. Renamed ~/.config/pulse, restarted and I was back in business. Thank you.