Recent Leap 15.3 install didn't include Perl manpages (perfunc, etc.)

I compared the contents of a Tumbleweed-based system and the various Perl-related manpages were installed. It appears that the 15.3 ISO did not include the RPM for the “perl-doc” package. (That Tumbleweed system shows that package as having been installed.)

Was this an “Oops!”?

Is the openSUSE team trying to tell us something? [heh]

Checking here, I see that lots of perl applications are installed. But “perl-doc” is not installed.

I don’t know how that was decided. But people complain if too much is installed that they don’t use. And the DVD has limited size that won’t fit everything. As long as it is in the repos (and it is), you can easily install it.

It was less than 7.5MB. Didn’t realize the DVD’s space was that tight. [heh]

Thanks. I did find the package though I wound up enabling all the repositories to find it. There’s still a lot of Perl in use at work and I was debugging a strange Perl problem with a co-worker and was surprised when xman was not showing any Perl pages. My desktop is complete again. :smiley:

Yes, debugging Perl is an art rather than a science …

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