Recent (I think) issues with openSUSE Forums

A couple nuisance issues seemed to have appeared recently.
I cannot pinpoint to specific changes, although obviously there have been forum and log-in changes recently.

  1. Subscriptions - I will sometimes subscribe to a thread, and specify immediate email notification of additions to the thread. This has stopped working for me, I get no notifications anywhere. Is this broken, or do I need to fix a setting somewhere? Everything looks OK (email address, etc)

  2. Off and On, right now ON, I seem to get items from Search actions from Forums in all languages. As a language impaired resident of NA, only English is of much help to me. Is there again a setting of some sort to filter responses by Forum? I believe this behavior started most recently when the Forum start page was modified to a selection of Forums by language.
    Or, perhaps I lost a critical cookie in a recent update(12.1 → 12.2) ?


Maybe others have different experiences, but:

  1. This is working perfectly for me since ages. And it still does. Does not help you much I am afraid.

  2. I do not know what NA is, but as you have Florida, USA in your header, I guess it somewhere there. But it is not of real importantce to your question ;). The Search function indeed does not discriminate between the different language sections of the forums and it never did if I am correct. But there are more people who understandable want this feature. And that is well known by the staff. But until now a solution with the software used (VBulletin) is not available.


  1. If subscriptions still work for you , then the system is not broken and I’ll search for issues with my personal information

  2. NA = North America, at least for those of us who live here. However, that’s is not really a fair statement because is includes our friends to the north in Canada. Since many Canadians are bi-lingual or more, I’ll narrow the single language affliction to some of us in the USA.
    Anyway, it looks like perhaps my topics of interest are just more global than in the past. I can certainly deal with it.

  1. I was duly mailed to inform me of your post above.

  2. it was just a little hint to you that you should think a bit wider. There are many people here from all over the world that use the English part of the forums. English is not their first language and certainly local lingo and acronyms will not be understood by them. Please try to avoid them.

And as an extra: because the Chinese and Russian forums use different character sets, many of their threads will escape being found by your Latin oriented search commands :slight_smile: