recent docs keep reappearing after KDE 4.2.3 installation

suse 11.1 32 bit with KDE 4.2.3 on an old toshiba laptop.

after an installation of KDE version 4.2.3 my recent documents (main menu, under “recently used”) started acting up. after every boot the recent docs return, even if i’ve cleared them before shutting down the computer. an even weirder thing is that those “recent docs” are songs from the Amarok player. i’ve deleted the playlist but to no avail, it still reappeared in the “recent document” section in the main suse menu. i’ve tried loading other songs into Amarok and the old docs were replaced with the new ones. well, same situation here, every time i boot the system, the newer songs reappear on the “recent documents” section! and it doesn’t even matter if i’ve recently used the Amarok player!

any thoughts about what can be going on?

so, what do you say? is there any **** solution to the problems that doesn’t require me deleting suse??

If you open an iso with k3b it will show up as well. It shows you all recently used files, so also file operations in Amarok, like adding them to a playlist.
If you want to empty the list, right click it. You can also remove recently used programs from the list.

as stated, even after i remove the files from the list they still reappear after a reboot. it happens only with the recent docs and not the recent progs.
again, the problem isn’t with the fact that they appear there, that’s a wanted feature, but the fact that i can’t seem to get rid of them unless i clear the recent docs list after EVERY boot!