reCAPTCHA[tm] not visible in Chrome

when not logged into the forums and searching from using Google Chrome Unstable
21.0.1180.0-142910 in 32 bit openSUSE 11.4 and KDE 4.6.0-6.17.1

the eCAPTCHA[tm] is not visible…therefore it can not be filled in, and
the search fails with zero feedback as to why…the only hint is
the words “Image Verification” can be seen…

now, i knew why it failed…but, the very new to the forums will not–so
either the device needs to be visible, or a visible error message needs
to alert the user to try a different browser (Google Chromium
17.0.945.0-7.1; Firefox 13.0-0.25.2; Opera 11.62-16.1 build 1347 and
Konqueror 4.6.00 (4.6.0) “release 6” all work as expected)

hmmmm i wonder if Chrome for Windows works–those are the folks who
have already tasted a little freedom who may be trying to find some
answer with their shiny Chrome, and can’t…hmmmmm, so maybe it is
best they trundle off to Ubuntu :wink: of course, maybe their Chrome
doesn’t work with the Ubuntu forums either, so . . .

i do NOT know what is best:

  • try to fix vBulletin locally
  • raise a bug with vBulletin
  • send bug to Google
  • take a nap

i’m going for the last option :wink:



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