rebuilding yast/zypper repos

I’m wondering if there is a way to delete all the repos I have, and start afresh. Is there something I can delete (like a directory for example, similar to rebuilding one’s firefox directory) and then simply restart yast and then add the repos I need?

You can simply remove/add them in the repo management in Yast

Or you can use zypper command to remove/add them (see man zypper)

Perhaps you should say what problem you have. You could start with showing the current list
zypper lr -d

If you delete repos, it may result in totaling YaST, I speak from my experience. If you keep repos they wont bite you or eat your disk.

Only if you disable them, else they will be able to bite you.

The problem I have, is that the repo “subpixel”, which was giving me error windows and that I have deleted (because there is a new repo with a different name now), is giving me errors even though it has been deleted (does any of this make any sense?). So what I would like to do, is start fresh and rebuid my repos with the repos that weren’t giving me errors, ie, all of them except subpixel.

If you installed stuff from that address and it no longer exists you may need to change the source repo in Yast for that package or packages.

Trade packages with other repo that are active on your install.

Actually, I don’t know why I’m going on with this, 11.3 will be out in a few days and I’m intending to upgrade anyway.
Thanks to all who tried to help.

And as such, I am now on 11.3. Beautiful!