Rebooting to Windows 7 wipes grub2


I installed openSUSE 13.2 64Bits. last week and, until now, I’m glad to have it done but, there are some that are driving crazy.

I have a dual boot machine, openSUSE shared with a Windows 7 professional. When I start the machine, grub2 shows and I can choose what O.S. to boot. Everything works fine that way. But, once I am in KDE desktop and want to reboot to Windows, using a long press on “Reboot” in order to show grub entries, and choosing Windows, seems that grub removes all the entries and, at reboot time, boots directly on openSUSE.

I have to lauch “System” - “Boot loader” from Yast and reinstall grub in order to make the grub screen reappear.

Does anybody have this problem?. Did anyone manage to fix it?.

I need some help here.

Thanks for your replies.

Is this an EFI machine?

For at least some EFI boxes, the way the BIOS implements UEFI is partly to blame here.

Alternatively, is “/boot” part of the root file system, and is it formatted “btrfs”. There’s apparently a problem when you reboot within linux, and tell it to reboot a particular operating system. It creates a small file that grub2 will use. But the grub2 support for “btrfs” is such that grub2 cannot write to the file. So you have to manually remove it. I think the file is “/boot/grub2/grubenv”.

Thanks for your reply.

My machine is about 5 years old, so I don’t think it has EFI and, yes, /boot is in the same partition that / and is formatted as btrfs.

I managed to pause my computer at start and I can read a message that shows just for a moment: “Sparse file not allowed” which, surely, points that problem you say.

I’ll search for a solution around. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

And thank you, again.