Reasons to upgrade from 13.1?


I’m quite happy with 13.1 and over time I’ve customized it and added a number of additional repos and packages so that I have the perfect and smooth working environment. Thing is, I’m putting off the upgrade to 13.2 all the time. It is a mix of lazyness and desire to keep things working as they are.

The apps/programs that I use more are: KDE desktop 4.11, Kate, Kdenlive, Firefox, Eclipse, lots of terminals and command line utilities, GIMP, ffmpeg, PostgreSQL & MySQL, together with their respective workbench admin front ends, Subversion, KdeSvn, KRdc, Smb4K, Gwenview, java, light LibreOffice usage and some amarok.

I understand that there are people that like to be on the latest and greatest, but I’m unwilling to put up the effort unless I can see some significant improvement. Such as some new version of an app included wiht 13.2 being significantly better, or faster boot times, or… So I’ve decide to ask, for those that have upgraded, have you seen any of these improving enough to deserve the upgrade? What were your reasons to upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

Then keep 13.1 for a while longer. The good news is that it is planned to have evergreen support (extended support), so you should be able to keep it for a while.

As for the benefits of upgrading – at the moment I am unable to think of any “must have” reasons to change. I’m happy with 13.2, but I could be just as happy with 13.1.


Yes you should keep 13.1 until it is EOL and maybe you will upgrade to 13.3 ;).

Well i only upgraded my laptop to 13.2 because on 13.1 it is always on the maximum temperature, regardless of what I’m doing, and i don’t use indexing gui stuff it is always disabled on my end. The desktop remains on 13.1.