Reason to upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1

I have been reading several threads about upgrading to 11.1 from 11.0. First of all I have a desktop running 11.1 and it works well no big problems even got mythtv running on it. I have a laptop that has a dual core intel in it and its running 11.0 64 bit with KDE4, KDE3.5 and Gnone. Most things are the way I like them some tweaking on my part yet to be done. So the big question Ive backed up all my data and am thinking of wiping my drive and doing a fresh install of 11.1 to replace the 11.0 install. Is there any real reason to do this? What would would I gain from the time to reinstall and configure my laptop? Just wondering if the advantages of 11.1 are worth the time and effort?



In general: if it runs perfectly, what can you gain. From what you tell, I can see no real reason, except wanting the latest openSUSE. If 11.0 serves you to your needs…

Well, I also had a well running opensuse 11.0 on my system but 11.0 had some minor issues which were annoying for me.
The Rescue system (boot from DVD to repair) was not working and some other things.

I upgraded without issues and now I’m running with the latest KDE & Gnome and everything that was on the pc is still running with new updated version of what I had on it before.

The golden rule is “if it works, don’t touch it”.
But in this case you can upgrade.

The .x versions are minor updates. You can maybe wait for a .2 or .3 version of opensuse 11.

Thanks for the thoughts and tips on this… No big problems with 11.0… I may wait a while longer.