Realtime priority with video processing


Is it any need to set some kind of priority, realtime?, when working with video streams? E.g. when importing or recording from a firewire connected device.

I have this continuous problem with the sound being sloppier after I have imported it. In one case I was given a DV cassette recorded on a different camera than mine, and with this one the sound disappeared almost completely, just clips with several silent seconds interval.

I have imported through Kino.

Any ideas?


I can not provide any advice wrt change the priority of the video “processing” via software.

Now if you happen to be referring to High Definition Videos, of either h.264, mpeg1/2 or selected wmv formats, and if you have an appropriate nVidia graphic card, then by using nVidia’s vdpau technology (with proprietary driver and appropriately compiled MPlayer) one can offload the video decoding from the PC’s CPU to the graphic card’s GPU, and play videos smoothly at very little CPU load.

My old athlon-2800 (32-bit) can play the highest 1920x1080 HD video files (at very high bit rates) with less than 10% CPU loading. That is possible only because the video decoding is offloaded from the CPU to the GPU, and because those HD video files are using a codec that is compatible with the “vdpau”.

I wrote a wiki here on this: Video editing/avchd - openSUSE

Hei and thanks, it was interesting to read this article and I discovered to my surprise that my nvidia 8600 GT was supported. My video-camera, though, is a mini-dv one.

To elaborate a bit further, with the attempt I had trying to import video and the sound was more or less non-existing, I did, however, have sound on the camera. I, therefore, tested with importing just video into Kino, connecting audio between my camera and the analogue port on the soundcard. First I tried to do it simultaneously with the result being just a constant level of noise. I then un-plugged the firewire cable and tried to play just audio and it went just fine. I suppose there are several possible reasons why I can’t seem to import the audio properly through firewire, a possible and likely, at least partially, reasons is my lack of understanding basic principles and limitations of on how this works.

Neat! I hope to buy my first camcorder in a week or two.

But I suspect since it is an AVCHD camcorder (and not a mini-dv) it will have USB and not Firewire.

Still, here is another page you may find interesting wrt video editing:
Video editing - openSUSE

That page needs work (by someone with a camcorder), but it still has lots of neat info.

For video editing I use kdenlive. The video clips I use are from my digital still camera, so going to a camcorder will be a big step up for me.

Yes in deed, and thanks again:)