Realtime kernel resolution issue with nvidia gpu

Hi everyone,

I tried booting into realtime kernel but only get 640x480 resolution. I have NVIDIA GT740. I have tried using both nouveau and proprietary drivers, but neither seems to work.

How can I get proper resolution with realtime kernel? I don’t care if it is proprietary driver or nouveau, if necessary I can reboot into a different kernel for games (which I rarely use anyway). All I want is proper resolution when doing audio work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Is nvidia properly deinstalled?

zypper se -si nvidia

Or was it the hard way?

no more blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d

grep -i 'blacklist nouveau' /etc/modprobe.d/*
cat /proc/cmdline

Thank you for your helpful reply. I am able to switch between nouveau and nvidia drivers on both the default kernel and the pre-emptive kernel merely by commenting or uncommenting the line “blacklist nouveau” and rebooting. Thus I do not believe that it should be necessary to uninstall the nvidia driver. Commenting out this line should lead to nouveau being loaded for the real-time kernel since this method works with both of the other kernels. I have checked that commenting out this line does indeed lead to nouveau being loaded instead of nvidia using “hwinfo --gfxcard”.

I have a feeling that there is no driver available at all to go with the real-time kernel. There is no nvidia driver listed in YaST. I currently have the nvidia drivers for both the pre-emptive and default kernels installed. If you think that uninstalling both of these may somehow fix my issues with the real-time kernel then please could you confirm this and I will give it a go. I have read somewhere about having to compile the drivers for real-time kernel, is this true and if so where can I find instructions?

Many thanks.

The nvidia Installation is replacing some libs from Mesa with its own…
So uncommending only the blacklist is not the same as uninstalling…

Kernel-rt or kernel-preempt?

Nowadays maybe it is impossible to compile non-GPL code for Linux RT: