Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac WLAN Adapter

Hello, this wifi adapter doesn’t work in my openSUSE.
Last time I’ve faced this issue, was providing a convenient 1-Click-Install package on this page. Now it only shows “source” packages.
Can anyone please tell me how do I install that package?
If I try to download the src.rpm and then install it using YaST, it tells me that the signature couldn’t be checked.
I haven’t figured out how do I add this Sauerland:hardware repo to my list of repos, if I copy the link (this), YaST won’t accept it.
So I’m stuck, unable to install the package.

This is the URL for Sauerland’s repository

Ah, I see now, I have to properly trim the link to the .rpm, it is all there :slight_smile:
Thank you, I’ve managed to add the repo and install the driver

Bluetooth should also work with the rtl8821ce_bt-kmp