realtek rtl8812BU

looking at purchasing a new wifi dongle that uses the rtl8812BU chipset.
Does anyone know if this has support in the kernel?
If not, does it use the same driver as rtl8812AU or is it a unique driver?
Available in any repos?

oops - perhaps a mod can correct the title for me - should be rtl8812BU

I build some Realtek drivers for Wifi in my /home Repo, otherwise many of them are in a newer kernel such as the kernel from kernel:stable.|

The r8812bu is supported ba the r8822bu, but you can shown the ID or name of the dongle and we will see.

Done… :wink:

I haven’t actually purchased the dongle yet
This is the one I was looking at
I guess at this price I should just give it a try - and if it doesn’t match something in the kernel or your repo there is bound to be something on github that should work.

I recently purchased a similar device, and your r8822bu package works great, so many thanks for that. Is there a reason this driver isn’t in the kernel? Looking at the GitHub repo where the code came from, it’s two years old now. Seems like that stuff usually gets into the kernel faster than that.

device showed up today so installed your rtl8822bu driver.
Works great and no fiddling necessary . . .

Many thanks to Sauerland for providing the driver. Works great!

Looks like the documentation here

could be updated. Once you opened Add repository and install manuallyit should be zypper in rtl8822bu-kmp-default

Thanks again


could be updated. Once you opened Add repository and install manually

it should be zypper in rtl8822bu-kmp-default

I think it an automatism by the OBS.

Nothing what I can change.