realtek r8168 WOL Networking issues M2N-VM

I have been chasing two issues with my recent upgrade to 11.0 on an Asus M2N-VM HDMI MB. I have read many posts on flaky network behavior(can’t connect to internet) and WOL not working.

There is an updated driver from Realtek that has been converted to kmp format on the OBS site (, search on r8168 and pick the kernel you are using.

It will install a new version driver, 8.008.00-2.
Go to Yast Network Device and specify r8168 in the hardware tab, then reboot.

use ‘lspci -vv’ to make sure r8168 is loaded, I had trouble making r8169 go away (the distro driver, very old)

With this, WOL woring and Static NIC addressing working

Thankyou bitshuffler, wherever you are :slight_smile: