RealPlayer 10 SUSE 11 (Real Player)


I just loaded SUSE 11, and started up RealPlayer 10 and went through the setup. However when I try and play real audio it buffers the clip comes up with player but I get no sound. I can player other audio (BBC iplayer) perfectly. An example of the audio I am player is any link from this page of BBC radio:

iPlayer Real Converter

Can anyone tell me how to install RealPlayer 11 and will that solve it? Many thanks

I just tried the link you posted and played an audio stream via RealPlayer10 without problems. Have you made sure your PCM level is up in your mixer?

Alternatively, save the file, it’s only a small script.
Then right click - open with - vlc

It plays with vlc and real for me.

iPlayer uses flash not real.

I played a sample of those audio files with no problem with mplayerplug-in and firefox. No need to use Real Player.

The RealPlayer is unhandy binary-trash anyway, don’t waste too much time with it… the SuSE-Repos and esp. Packman offer many many great audio- and videoplayers.

Could you be more specific about which audio or video players will work with this BBC site? The only option I am presented with is smplayer - and even after choosing this option I hear or see no output.

How exactly does one set-up Firefox with mplayer plugin? I have installed this player via Yast, but have no idea where it has been stored on my system. A search of all Firefox plug-ins and add-ons returns no reference to mplayer.

If you have all the multimedia codecs installed,it should work. I use iplayer in Seamonkey & occasionally in firefox,works no problem


Thee bbc plays everything in flash anyway doesn’t it. I use iplayer all the time.
You can config the vlc-mzilla plugin for FF
Ian did a good guide
opensuse 11.1 wmv in firefox - openSUSE Forums

I think I have a number of these codecs installed (after following an FAQ in this forum), but for me Firefox doesn’t work - in a most emphatic fashion: clicking on any of the links on the BBC page referenced in the original post cause Firefox to close instantly on my saystem (Firefox version 3.0.12 - the latest version on Packman I think). I’m going to open another thread on that problem.

I’ve noticed in some cases (its been a number years since I noticed this) that having too many plugins to a browser will cause this behaviour.

I doubt it’s that, since I am also using FF 3.0.12 on 11.1 (KDE 3.5.10) with the usual plugins. Clicking on the OP’s link and selecting a programme, immediately causes FF to close instantly on mine. I repeated it three times with same result. I normally use BBC iPlayer (ok for audio), but have never used that page/website linked to by the OP. :\

Further to the above, 11.1 doesn’t seem to have RealPlayer in the distribution repos, nor does packman. I don’t have it installed anyway. Also my FF 3.0.12 came from the update repo, not from packman.

This is all bit fishy, but I don’t have 11.0. Why would XEyedBear need to get FF 3.0.12 from packman? :\

It could just be a problem with that website OP is trying to use. It’s not a BBC website!

Yes, you are correct - and it’s symptomatic of my growing ineptitude that I didn’t notice this until you pointed it out. I actually found the site desirable (more accurately, the site’s content), for example the readings from Bill Bryson’s books (sadly, not by Bill himself). My impression is that I cannot ‘listen again’ from the BBC without using their iPlayer, which I am a bit loathe to do, because (under Windows at least) it ties me to RealPlayer, which I regard as a form of malware.

Is there an alternative way to access this valuable data archive on the BBC?

My impression is that I cannot ‘listen again’ from the BBC without using their iPlayer, which I am a bit loathe to do, because (under Windows at least) it ties me to RealPlayer
How you come to this conclusion I have no idea. iplayer user flash to play back (Unless for some extraordinary reason 11.0 functions differently than 11.1) But IIRC when I used 11.0 it played with flash from the BBC except the weather, but now even that is flash.

Have you tried get_iplayer from Packman. It’s worked from a konsole. Quite handy.

BBC Archives? No idea.