Realmedia format (.rm) issues


Has anyone else got any issues with realmedia video files? Do not use it often, but can not remember to have had any problems with it in the past. Now I have issues with two different .rm files.

Otherwise my system is quite fine in regards to multimedia, I’m just curious if there are any specific issues concerning this format on linux.


I just don’t come across them these days. But they should be playable even if you have to install real player.

I just grabbed a sample file and it plays in VLC fine

Been a long time for me as well on .rm’s
If in the event rm’s don’t play in your VLC.
Something to consider & let us know if it works can they be transcoded to .ogg or .mp3? You might want to try it with Audacity.


I haven’t tried VLC, I use Kaffeine and SMplayer. SMplayer plays it for a while and then stops with an error regarding a full buffer of audio samples(I think it was). Furthermore, when I click previous/next in SMplayer the A/V sync becomes just a mess. Kaffeine plays video only, no audio.

It might of course be that the file is corrupted but I have trouble with another clip as well, but that is a bit different.

I will try to convert it with mencoder and tell how it goes. Will also try and find a couple more .rm, and see how they perform.


I have now converted it to .avi and the beahviour is totally different, no sync problem.

Shall install Realplayer and try again with the .rm.