Really-noob, can't set up my laserjet 4200n

I want to set up my hp laserjet 4200 as network-printer.
I have tried searching the net, but really can’t figure out my problem. I’ve tried using a lot of ideas, i have all the packages people out there have suggested, but really don’t know how to do this.
If anybody can help me i would be glad :slight_smile:
I’m really new to Linux, but i really need to print, so i try all i can :slight_smile:


I set up a 2600N using this process, I imagine the 4200n would work as well.

(Pasted and slightly edited from the installation guide included in the zip
file listed below)

Browse to with Firefox and use ‘save
as’ Put the file somewhere you can find it.

Go into the directory where you saved it:

$ tar zxf foo2zjs.tar.gz
$ cd foo2zjs

$ make

Get .ICM profiles for color correction:
$ ./getweb 2600n # Get HP LaserJet 2600n .ICM files

Install driver, foomatic XML files, and extra files:
$ su OR $ sudo make install

make install

(Optional) If you use CUPS, restart the spooler:

make cups OR $ sudo make cups

Now create printer entries for your spooler. Create at least one queue for
monochrome, and another queue for color printing. Create the queues first,
then edit them and set the device options as desired. Set bits per pixel to
a “1” (default). See your operating system documentation for further
details on creating a printer queue. Click any hyperlinks below for sample

> Get .ICM profiles for color correction:
> $ ./getweb 2600n # Get HP LaserJet 2600n .ICM files

I believe this script depends on wget. If you don’t have it installed
it will give you an error and you’ll have to install it from YaST.

Have you tried installing HPLIP? This will setup most of your drivers. You will still need to set up the printer configuration through YaST. HPLIP is available on the HP website. It is a self-extracting package that uses YaST to install.

I just googled hplip. It is also available from sourceforge.