Really, no flash vdpau acceleration?


I have a brand new openSUSE 11.4 install with Xfce desktop, 32bit. All packages up to date, only the default repositories, no testing or fancy packages, flash, vdpau are installed, so as the nvidia driver from the NVidia repo, but I don’t have flash acceleration.
But I clearly remember that like 2 weeks ago, when I first installed openSUSE ( which I screwed up by the time, that’s why I have a fresh install now ) I had accelerated video rendering in flash.
So, does anybody managed to get flash acceleration, and I am stupid, or it is broken something with the packages, in which case we should report it.
Please reply, to get this cleared.
Thank you !

The following Link allows you to see/adjust your Flash Acceleration.

Adobe - Flash Player : Help - Display Settings

If you are using a 64 Bit system, use the following link to update to the 64 bit flash file if you would like.

Fix your flash in 11.4 _64 with flash square - Page 2

Look at message #12 for a bash script file that can update you to a 64 bit flash file. I also use a nVIDIA driver and with the new Flash it is working just fine.

Thank You,