reading odc files

Hello ,
I trying to read a file with an .odc extenstion.Using openOffice Calc,
However there is a of garbage and irreadable characters,
I found out it is a Microsoft office data connection file.
Is there a way around it?

openSUSE 11.1


The fact that a file name ends with the characters .odc does not in itself make the contents of this file of being of a specific “type”. In MS-DOS (and it’s offspring) these are in a special part of the file properties (the so called “extention”), but that is not a concept in Unix/Linux. Allso these “extentions” are not realy centraly registrated and thus the same character combination can be used by different programmers for their purpose.

Thus when you know it is a “Microsoft office data connection file” (whatever hat is) it certainly can not be interpreted as an openOffice Calc file by any program.
I do not understand what you mean by “is there a way around it”? Do you want to know if there is a Linux program that can interprete a Microsoft office data connection file?

The fact is that Calc can read it pretty well, I can sort through the gibrish, I just wanted to know if the is a linux program taht can interpret the office data connection file.


Open in an editor. Many of the newer file formats or XML based. You would be able to see whats in it. If that fails a good hex edtor will work to see the contents. Chances are you won’t be able to do anything with it but you sure can look into it.

Then may be you should start a thread (in the Looking for something other then support subforum) with as title something like:
“Linux program that can interprete a Microsoft Office data connection file”
This might draw the attention of someone knowing.