Read/Write access for Windows Hard Disks/Partitions in Linux

Am dual-booting Windows XP with openSUSE 11.1. I would like to have Linux make my Windows HD partitions read-writeable by Normal User; currently the files are ‘locked’ on the Windows partitions.

I believe I may need to manually edit the /etc/fstab (not sure what change to make). Or is there a change I need to make in User Permissions/User Groups in YaST ?


just add umask=0002 to each partition entry of ntfs in /etc/fstab file

Here’s a bit of background to flesh out gsk_308’s advice:
HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11

hey but I cannot change and save fstab file
the error:
You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.

please help

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