Read Novell Drive

Not sure if this is the right forum for this questions…

My Novell 4.11 server (my workhorse for years) was struck by lightening in a direct hit. I have two drives in the server - the OS on one drive, all data on another drive. the OS drive is fried, but the data drive seems to work fine (spins up and an old pc looks for a boot sector).

Can anyone tell me, will SUSE read this drive? I really need the info off of the drive and don’t want to install the 4.11 OS on another machine. I figure the lightening strike was my sign to move on :slight_smile:


I would use a live cd, personally I use knoppix for jobs like this. (I’m not saying this is absolutely the best way, but it’s quick and easy) Connect the drive, boot from the live cd/dvd, hopefully with say a external usb drive too for all the data to go to, well somewhere at least.
Then use the file browser to get and copy the files.

There are probably some puritans out there waving their hands…:open_mouth:

But I have lost count the number of times this has worked for me.

Thanks, I’ve donwloaded knoppix and I’ll try ASAP.