Read files from Vista machine on Opensuse machine

I have mythtv running on opensuse 11.0 on a pc in my lounge room. I would like to get access to all of my multimedia files that sit on my office PC , which is running vista.

mythtv will let me point to any directory that is available on the local machine, so I need a permanent mount set up on mythtv box.

I need the highest data transfer speeds possible as I will be sending 1080p movies to mythbox.

Could someone tell me whether I should use samba or NFS ( if both are in fact possible?) and why one would be preferred over the other?

Also, if you can point me to a HOWTO that would be much appreciated - I have found many that explain how to access files on linux machine FROM Vista, but not the other way around.


Start here,

Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network. Versions 10, 11

If you have any problems post them to the forum


NFS is only possible in Vista if you were silly enough to pay hundreds of dollars for the ultimate version.

Ultimate version…oxymoron.