Re: Where is the Packman Repository?

The 1-Click install and the manual instructions at:

need to be updated. The Packman repo has moved to:$releasever/'

Packman migration news here…

It is not moved. One of the mirrors is down (apparently the one you are using) and you now are using another one. There are still more addresses then these two.

The Austrian mirror,, has been unavailable for couple of days so switching to server, in my case LEAP 15.2$releasever/ , fixes the error message.
Thank you for this thread.

The mirror list is here…

I have been unable to change mirrors using a couple of the sites. They look to be relying on the main site which has been retired prior to the move. Emails here have reports from Stefan Botter.

And presumably

How did you try to change? As posted by Sauerland #6 should work:

You can also start YaST - Software repositories - choose Packman and “edit” - copy the new URL. I have used I can tell, this one works!

The maintainer of the “openSUSE Guide” is Martin Schlander – <>.

  • You can try to contact him to obtain his views on using another Packman Mirror …