Re: Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033) - Caution!

On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:46:01 GMT, please try again <> wrote:

>Can you understand…
>- Why they use to put MAC addresses in Word and Excel documents ?
> That was before complaining bloggers time. But there were already
> clever journalists in Germany to report what ended up beeing a bug in
> MS Office and fair enough judges to con**** MS for privacy violation?
>- Why doesn’t this forum let you write C O N D A M N in good
> english?
Try spelling condemn correctly.

>- And why did MS invent Win Modems (and why it suddenly became
> impossible to find ‘real’ modems ? )
MS did not. That was el cheapo modem vendors, it saved them 50 cents.

>- And why did MS hire IBM programmers … and why did OS/2 die ?
Mostly because IBM did not understand the nature of the problem.

>- And why did BeOS suddenly stop existing ?
See Wikipedia

>- And how come that Linux included SCO code (actually stolen from
> BSD)?
SCO failed to make their case, it was decided against them.

>- And why can you buy laptops with Windows 7 preinstalled, probably a
> Windows license (dunno) but no Windows original DVD, just an image,
> sometimes not even the OS image but some OEM rescue stuff that you are
> supposed to burn yourself, even on machine without DVD writer at all?
Same as genuine advantage, and the only advantage accrues to M$ as usual.

>- And what did Steve Ballmer ingest or inhale as he called Linux “as
> cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to
> everything it touches” ?
An outraged sense of entitlement.

>- And why should you buy him crack (again and again): ‘YouTube -
> Steve Ballmer going crazy’
> (
Let him destroy himself, personal freedom.

>- And why am I regarded as a criminal when I ask for a BSD compatible
> mainboard in computer stores?
Illiterate, innumerate, brainwashed ignorantia for sales clerks? (more likely
they think that they get another dollar if it is M$ only).

>I don’t know the reason of this mess … but I suspect that too many
>people sleeping well might have their part of responsibility about which
>pratices should be considered acceptable or not. (Unfortunately this is
>not limited to Operating systems). If ever there were a ‘conscience’ in
>this world, it has never been on MS side.