Re: Uninstalling openSUSE 11.1

Dear All,

i had installed opensuse 11.1 last week. Today i was not able to load SUSE, so i reinstall opensuse 11.1 again, this made my PC to stoP after boot , just blank screen.

Now i want to remove opensuse 11.1 cleanly & then reinstall.

I had windows XP on my C: with D: & E: partition. I had installed opensuse 11.1 on my F: drve.

Now even XP does’nt load.

I have my Windows Installation CD with me.

I want if some1 can suggest me how to reinstall my both OS (XP & suse). I had taken my backup, so even i m ready if i have to instal fresh both OS,so there no issue.

Kindly suggest me step-by-step procedure & also let me know about MBR & BOOT commands.


Some extra information will help people to help you out.

Particularly; How many physical hard disks do you have? Were you trying to put openSUSE on another partition of the same drive as Windows, or another drive entirely? How large are these drives? Do you have anything else on them at all - like a laptop recovery partition, for example?

Also, are you trying to install openSUSE from a live CD or from an install DVD?

If you have a backup of all the data you require the process is actually very simple…

To be honest I keep a Ubuntu LiveCd around just for cases like this. I use the partition editor in Ubuntu to edit my partitions. If you format your partition it will delete all the information on that partition and then you can easily reinstall.

I’m sure there are easier ways to do it. That’s just my way.

I had remove the partition of Linux from Windows XP Installation CD & then tried to install fresh XP on my C: drive. Now after copying the files, when windows installation reboots, it again goes to installation steps & if i remove the boot option to hard disk in BIOS setting, the PC hands after Verfying DMI Pool…

Kindly let me know what to do ?


If you do a fresh install of XP it will ask you which partition to use and then format it ntfs.
Did you do this?

Mind you I always format everything with Parted Magic myself, before using any kind of install media.

Installing XP is pretty much idiot proof - it’s just all the darn questions, product keys, and re-boots that are a pain.

To be honest I’m a little confused as to what exactly you have because you talk about C: D: partitions and F: Drive
So is F: a drive or a partition. Windows terminology sucks (C, D, F…)

better to do


and so on

I mean…
C: D: E: are windows partition.

F: partition was used for Linux. Since i was more used to with windows i wrote it as F:. Acutaly i had remove F: partition installing openSUSE 11.1.

So,in brief i have single 80GB Harddisk as under -
For Windows XP
C: Partition 20GB
D: Partition 20 GB
E: Partiton 20 GB
REst 20GB was used for openSUSE 11.1 Linux.

Now, i wished to uninstall opensuse 11.1 since the datas were corrupted & i was not able to load opensuse. I reinstalled opensuse 11.1 but the problem still existed. & further in the boot option windows xp was removed automatically. So even XP is not loading. I tried to install XP, after initial copying of files when windows installation reboots, windows installation runs again.

I want to remove the linux, grub, so i can install fresh windows xp & after succesful installation i plan to install fresh opensuse 11.1.

Guide me step-by-step how to do.


I want to

If you have a windows disk. Boot from it and use the fixmbr tool to restore the windows bootloader.

Or a re-install will do that anyway

I tried while reinstalling XP in repair mode, but did’nt help.


Windows XP install asks you twice if you want to install or repair. First one dumps you into command prompt and lets you do things fo yourself. Second one repairs installation automatically without loosing your data. This one repairs the mbr (if I remember correctly).
So you need to tell the install first that you want to install and when it later asks if you want to install or repair, then answer R. It goes on to make install in repair mode, so it lasts almost as long as normal install.

Personally, if I had a solid back-up of everything I needed, and bearing in mind Windows’ propensity to gradually degrade in performance, I’d go for the ‘nuclear’ option, and start from scratch.

If you load the Windows CD you should be able to delete everything - the entire partition table. Install windows at the beginning of the drive. Leave whatever amount you want for linux unpartitioned - including some for a swap partition (probably the same amount as you have RAM is fine).

The openSUSE disc should be able to automate incorporating XP into its boot menu. You can put grub on the MBR fairly safely on a simple set up like this (if it goes wrong, you should be able to cleanly replace it with the openSUSE disc) - although I believe leaving the generic boot code there is preferable from an ‘appeasing the quirks of Microsoft’ perspective. :slight_smile:

Are you happy to start again from scratch? If so, I’d get windows up and running, leaving however much of the disk you want blank, then do a dry-run through the openSUSE installer, seeing what set up it suggests. It warns you before it actually changes anything, so you can come back here and post if there’s anything you don’t understand. But to be honest, if you have no qualms about wiping the disk again, I’d just go for it - it is fairly self-explanatory.

Good luck.

hi my name is amit, I need some help regarding suse installation on Hp laptop dv 6500.
I could install opensuse 11.1 on my laptop, with almost everything working fine. But I am facing problem while using “make” command and it says machine unknown. I checked the version of make there i could see that its support is undefined and “make -v” command says This program is build for x86_64_unknown_linux_gnu. the makefile which I want to run also uses /bin/sh file, I opend this sh file in editor and have searcher for “x86_64_unknown_linux_gnu” but this line is not there and instead “x86_64_suse_linux_gnu” is there. I dont know is this really a problem that I am able to use the make file? if yes please tell me how to resolve. And if there is some other problem please tell me how to proceed for the solution of this. Looking forward for ur response. Thanks in advance. Best regards Amit

Hello Amit. I would suggest starting a new thread, as your query doesn’t really relate to the one the thread started with. As it isn’t clear that this is an install issue, you might try posting in the Programming or Applications forums.

Good luck.