Re: Tip/How-To, saving power by limiting use/powering down HDD


As well intentioned as was Axeia’s first post, it is a fine example
of the only known effective malware in Linux (a self administered
system error).

[Reminds me of an email I saw about ten years ago which told the
reader that his/her computer had been infected and to fix it there
was detailed, step by step, instructions which had the unsuspecting
delete the C:\Windows folder.]

A word to the wise: No matter how well intentioned, not everything
posted on the internet is “good” for you, or your machine.

Be careful out there!

I’m ~98% sure it wasn’t related to whatever was in that post and would love for someone to confirm it actually isn’t…
But as I didn’t want anyone to mess up their system I went with the 2% for safety and asked for it to be removed.

I reapplied the settings after I got my system up and running again and so far it seems to go fine.
Does take quite a long time to wake up the raid as it does the disks one by one though… could imagine you’d run into trouble if you have many disks in a raid and set the timer too short so let that be a word of warning if you do attempt it.

If I feel confident enough about it not being harmful I’ll ask a moderator to move the post back.

If anyone would like to attempt it (at your own risk) to confirm it isn’t harmful, please see pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

A darn… thought I’d be my own testrabbit by taking the steps on my desktop (as it has 2 disks as well)…

Worked my way down the steps, just to be greeted with “AdvancedPM=no”.
Strange that my relatively old Western Digitals don’t support it, yet my old old 120GB maxtor does.
Out of PC’s to test it on now myself as all the others are laptops with only one disk. So if anyone wants to attempt it please inform me about the results.

Okay, got confirmed it doesn’t do any harm and I can confirm it myself as well as my server has been operating problem free ever since.
Changed it into a wiki page as that’s actually editable unlike the forum posts.
For the interested Power saving by enabling hard disk AdvancedPM mode HOW TO - openSUSE !

Would be nice if someone added a section to the page describing how to do it in a shell script (so it can be automatically run at startup) as I got zero experience in writing such a script.