Re: S/W like Corel Draw in openSUSE

Hi all,

I am looking for the S/W like corel draw, My Basic need is like i need to mark on pictures & comments on it.

The pictures are of machinery & i have to show it to my customer & pin point the area where there are faults.

Further is there any replace for AutoCAD in Linux ?

I did’nt find GIMP to useful for my application since it is more like photshop.


Try Inkscape. It’s a great vector drawing program like adobe illustrator and coreldraw.

Thanks !!!

One Question…
I tried to install through Yast & its says it is for GNOME & i have KDE 4.2.1 (openSUSE 11.1). Is it OK to install in KDE 4.2.1

yep! No problems.

look more closely at GIMP, it is very easy to mark on photos, type
info on to photos etc etc etc…AND, modify the photo to the size/etc
which YOU need…

however, you may find you like Inkscape better [install it with
YaST]…in it you can ‘import’ a image file and mark it up kind’a like
you might in CorelDraw…

for AutoCAD, there was a pretty good thread on it in the last couple
of weeks here, use the forum’s search function (look for autocad in
the subject) and you will find all you need, i think…

welcome to software freedom, for other open source answers to your
needs, have a look at:


Thanks Conflicter

For a list of CAD software under Linux:
LUnIx . . . CAD & Linux: Linux CAD Links

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simply amazing!
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