Re: Please Help Me

> Sometimes, my laptop won’t mount Mondo CD properly, or
> something. Umm…Please hepl me.

while i suspect your post is simply SPAM (for your T-Shirt business),
if it is not you are gonna need to give some info:

  • what is Mondo? What happens if the CD is mounted properly?
  • what kind of laptop? model?
  • what operating system?
  • what desktop environment (KDE, GNOME, etc)?
  • what is the EXACT error message you see?
  • or, what normally happens which does not happen sometimes?
  • does it only not mount after being suspended or hibernated?
  • if you shut down and reboot, does it mount properly until … when?

stuff like that, as it is impossible to guess what is going on during
that “or something” part of your post…