Re: Just made a horrible horrible horrible mistake

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vendetta18 wrote:
> when you get your system up and running with all of your data… mount Windows drives(where
> your windows is installed) as read only from Linux.

i read that and thought: too bad ‘they’ (so many new folks) come here
as Redmond Ship Jumpers (RSJs) but when they hit the water instead of
floating just sink because they are STILL chained to an anchor called
data are further heavily encumbered by bad habits and thinking there
should be only one way to do anything (and mostly believe The Wizards
of Redmond, know that ‘One Best Way’!)…

and then (i think) i just realized that most of the problems brought
to this group are not Linux problems, but rather problems caused by
trying to use the ‘One Best Way’ learned in that system that caused
them to grab a life jacket and jump overboard in the first place…

hmmmmm…must be something to learn there, maybe…


This is the reason for describing learning certain early programming languages as “damaging”. It seems much easier to learn something new, than it is to unlearn something and then learn new concepts.

In this particular example, Redmond’s confusion of it’s users between filesystems, disks and partitions, thanks to their “drive” abstraction, and mis-leading format commands; which probably did seem clearer when most people were dealing with floppies on a daily basis.

robopensuse wrote:
> probably did seem clearer when most people were dealing with
> floppies on a daily basis.

yep, it was all pretty simple with the first MS-DOS 4 machine
[pre-Win1.0] i had on my desk (at work) with its powerful 8086 chip
and a cool 1024k of RAM, a 21 MB (note the M) hard disk and whopping
500k or (was it?) 360k 5.25 inch floppies (that were really ‘floppy’)…

before that, the office had a monster with 8 inch floppies and the
machine had TWO floppy drives…you had change out floppies every time
you wanted to go from using the “word processor” to doing something
else (there was not much else, calculators/number crunchers and
plotters)…and, you put the “word processor program disk” in drive
one and a place to save your letter to in drive two…

yep: concepts like filesystems, disks and partitions were are pretty
easy to grasp when you could hold a variety of them in your
hand…and, each had a place where you could write (for example)
ElectricPencil, PeachText, WordPerfect, etc as the field progressed…


I think there is nothing wrong with the command ‘rm -rf /windows’. It should be hardcoded into the kernel and automatically be run on every boot (I would call this sort of a virus protection).

i think it should be hard coded, non-selectable in BIOS.