RE: Installing Linux with XP

Hi Everyone,
Can some1 help in installing SuSe 11.1 on my Existing XP Desktop PC. I have 80GB Hard disk with partition C:,D:,E:,F: each of consisting 20GB. I want to install SuSe 11.1 on my F: drive. I dont’ know anything about Disk Partition & how to do the same. I want my XP OS on my Disk so whenever I boot the PC should ask me which OS to be loaded. Pl. suggest me step by step as I am totally new to linux & dont’ know how it works. I am using windows since last 10 years & I am really bored about the interface & I need something refreshing.

The easiest way is to delete the F partition. This can be done by right clicking on my computer choosing manage then disk management then right click on th F partition and deleting it.

Now when you start the openSUSE installation it will use the free space.
Just accept the partitioning it suggests it will create swap / and /home
It will also see your windows partitions and mount them and add windows to the boot menu.

Make sure you backup all your data first


Thnks Geo, for your kind suggestion. I’ll install, & let u know. By the time pl let me know if i could uninstall suse if i face any problem & revert back my F: Back to windows ? If so then how to do.
Also me know which will be better GNOME or KDE ?

Going back is quite easy. You can do it with the xp cd.
Boot with it and choose repair and use fimbr

I’ve always used kde so i have no idea about gnome you can install both and choose between them at the logion screen