re-install lightning for TB 60.3.0

Hi all,

I have thunderbird from the leap 15 repository which was coming together with lightning. I uninstalled lightning but I cant reinstall it since the required version is not deployed in the add-ons. Where could I fetch the right version of lightning for thunderbird 60.3.0? Or should I just re-install the entire thunderbird package?


How did you uninstall Lightning?

Web site says lightning is no longer compatible

Lightning is now part of the Thunderbird installation and no longer a separate package. Easiest way is probably to re-install Thunderbird.

I see… I thought so.

I uninstalled lightning from the extension manager of thunderbird… I was a bit worried that I will have to reconfigure my mailboxes, that’s why I didn’t wanna reinstall TB.

Thx for the answers!