Re-install from ISO

Hard drive crashed and burned, but to be to the point, I installed two hard drives, one for Windows XP or soon to be replaced by Windows 7 for the wife and kid and Loaded Suse 11.2 to the other drive. Problem: I am getting an error in the YAST Administrator Tools on the Modules. It is almost like the ISO did not load everyting. The ISO was loaded over 11.1 version as a New Install, but something is wrong. Windows is loaded on the first drive and Suse on the second drive. I downloaded another 64 ISO but when I checked this morning it only had downloaded 2.1+gigs, about half of the 4.67gig from the site. The download form box showed to be closed down, so I assumed the rest of the application files will be downloaded once the base files are installed. This is the only thing I can figureā€¦ Any ideas where to look to fix?

A DVD install will assume that all the files that normally go on a DVD are present; so you need the full DVD. The CDs are set up to do a base installation and then fetch the remaining files.

If there is no specific reason why you need the DVD, download the CD, backup /home and reinstall.