Re: How can I bring OpenSuse to start from sdb?

On Tue 27 Aug 2013 12:46:01 AM CDT, chapati wrote:

I´m using Grub 2 and I always tell the Bios from which partition to
start but at the moment I cant start any of the OS´s without the
“superGrub2” cd!
Both files which you mentioned ( etc.) are existing…but I
still don´t know how to open them in suse:shame:.

What if I install everything new and let all partitions be created
automaticly (without a boot partition-which I actualy don´t know what
the andvantage/disadvantage of a separate boot partition, I only heard
in many tutorials that it is recomended to creat one…). Then would
grub be installed per default in the root partition and will started
through the mbr of this same partition (sdb)?

Sounds like the boot flag is missing from your devices. Can you boot
from a live cd and run the command;

fdisk -l

If no * are present, then you need to set the boot flag.

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