re-encode video with audio offset


I used K3B to rip some of my DVDs (using the Xvid codec) onto my laptop to take away on holiday with me. This worked fine for 2 of the DVDs but the 3rd one ended up with the audio out of sync with the video. Fortunately VLC comes to the rescue with the ability to offset the video and audio tracks.

Is there a way to re-encode the ripped files to permanently fix the offset.


If the offset is consistent through out and does not vary, then you could use avidemux to make such a correction.

Yes the offset is constant. Thanks for pointing me at avidemux worked a treat (both gui and cli).

I would had responded earlier but I was a little pre-occupied with local events.

Thats great to read.

Gosh ! I hope you, your family, and friends are doing well given those horrific and saddening events. Best wishes to all and stay well.

Thanks. Fortunately my wife and I work/live outside of the worst affected areas, just lost power and water at home for a day or so.