re-draw is very slow on fresh install - driver issue?

Hi all

I have been a long time Ubuntu user, and have been happy for most part. I thought it would make a nice change and give openSuse another crack at the whip, and install it as my main working OS, particularly given the glowing reviews it has received.

I do have a number of issues I am seeking help with, the main one being the slow redraw rate when I move windows around the desktop, suggesting I do not have the correct nVidia drivers loaded.

clicking on the ‘my computer icon’, the info under ‘display info’ says the nVidia driver loaded is ‘nv’. In Ubuntu you are given the option to load ‘restricted drivers’, if ‘nv’ are not these, how do I install the nVidia drivers I want?

Thank you!

You must have walked right past the “New users read this” message on the first page :).

Have a look in here -

New User How To/FAQ (read only) - openSUSE Forums

The “nv” driver is the opensource version with no acceleration.

TBH I looked through the forums yesterday after I did the install looking for just such a sticky… I’d better put my glasses on next time. Thanks.

I’ll post other issues later if these stickies don’t help.


NVIDIA has on its server an own repository for the driver. This link is from the documetation and its good: