Re: Disable Login Usr list on KDE

Hi all,

How can I disable the user list on the KDE login Screen?

I just want the login name and password boxes to show.


System settings>Advanced>Login Manager>Users

and check all users. Then none will appear but AFAIK, whenever you log in, the name of the user who last logged out will appear in the user box.

The settings can be found in /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc

Here is the setup I have (when changing them make sure you put your values at the end of files because the config comments may be misleading and multiple declarations will give precedence to those made later in the file.

ShowUsers=Selected <— This may be unnecessary but I think I had some issue with it set some other way

I changed this a while ago when I first installed 11.2 so I cant remember if I had to change anything in the theme xml for things to look right.