Re-create the menu.lst File

I was playing with Ubuntu 8.04.1 and it destroyed my menu.lst file (in SuSE 11.0)–without asking my permission.

I was able to use the SuSE DVD to boot back to SuSE by creating a “temporary” menu.lst file, but it certainly is not as polished as the one created during SuSE installation.

I must admit that Ubuntu has improved a lot, but it still no SuSE. Now the question is, can anyone tell me how to re-create the original menu.lst file? Thanks.

In Suse goto Yast → System → Bootloader → Other → Propose New Configuration → WAIT for the new configuration to appear → Open Boot Loader Installation" panel and make sure the X is in Boot from the Master Boot Record

Thanks. It works.

SuSE rules!