(re)compiling apache2?


currently i am using the apache2 yast package and would like to recompile it against a new openssl version to be able to use SSL SNI. Is this possible without breaking anything?

If yes, it would be great if anyone could tell me where to find the exact configure settings of the yast apache2 package so i dont break anything :slight_smile: Even more perfect would be a guide!

Thank you

If you compile Apache2 on your own, all updates regarding it will cease to function and unless you keep a tab on every single security patch you’ll eventually be running a vulnerable system.

Despite what people think, Apache2 has had quite a few holes in the past, even more so combined with things like PHP.

Besindes that the server is only a dev system, i want to keep the suse updates intact. Hmm is it possible to build the server against the yast package sources? Or does that imply that i have to wait for the suse team to build against a new openssl version?