Re: Clarifying a Stupid KDE Tumbleweed Question

On 04/15/2014 12:36 AM, caf4926 pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
> You should know there is a thread all about using TW here
> Some kde 4.11 packages remain in any 4.12 upgrade
> There have been stability issues in TW with KDE. Not sure if that
> remains the case
There have not been stability issues but build issues that have been
resolved. To really find the updates when using TW use

zypper -v dup

to see what will actually be upgraded. Remember you must use zypper dup
if using TW.


I’ve not seen any stability issues on Tumbleweed, and deliberately missed the so-called build issues with KDE. :slight_smile:

However this thread separation seems to indicate another hiccup on the NNTP interface - Carlos posted about one recently. Now that is arguably a stability issue. :wink: