rc2 (?) lacks kernel source

I just did a zypper dup from rc1 (zypper dupped from beta) and got a new kernel, 3.7.9-1.4-desktop. It all seems fine, but there is no kernel source. YaST can’t find the appropriate versions.

The kernel build in RC2 is 3.7.9-1.1.2 and kernel-source-3.7.9-1.1.2-noarch is on the DVD – openSUSE-12.3-DVD-Build0094-x86_64.iso

I also did a zypper dup from RC1 and have also ended up with 3.7.9-1.4. Seems to be ok.

So did I, yesterday, and ended up with all three kernels installed. I changed nothing for that, so keeping multiple kernels must be the default on mine originally a network CD install of RC1.

The RC2 kernel addition: kernel-desktop-3.7.9-1.1.2.x86_64