RC1 live usb

I have downloaded 64 bit live cd version and burned image to a cd with no issues. It seems to work fine on both desktop and notebook.

The problem is I cannot get a bootable usb from the same image. I have tried several times using both unetbootin and imagewriter. Most common issue is “no live image found” but on 2 occasions did get image which gets about half way through boot process before hanging.

Any suggestions?

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Well go to google translator.

Are you trying to use the KDE live CD?

See in the wiki:
openSUSE:Most annoying bugs 11.4 dev # RC1

I would suggest you ether take a earlier (unbroken?) image and update using the factory-tested repository.
Or a newer one. But before that have a look at openQA.opensuse.org to see which image “KDE_LiveCD” most probably is not broken for usbboot like build 1056 = 11.4 RC1.


There seems to be no automatic test with “usblive” since build 1056.
Nether are I able to see now a newer automatic KDE iso image under Index of /factory/iso - only net images.


My download is “KDE-LiveCD-Build1056-x86_64”