Rc1 has more bugs then beta5!

It still installs kde4 even though i choose kde3.5, and defaults to kde4!

In beta5 i could login to kde3.5 from the login screen but rc1 will only let me into kde3.5 if i log in as root!

I can’t change the autologin from the login manager, it defaults to auto login. Thats as far as i got in testing since i won’t run as root and i can’t stand kde4.


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moaning won’t help, please report the bugs.


But please don’t create dupes, see https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=450000

Hmmm… I’ve had some 11.1 RC1 hiccups, but not these.

I installed 11.1 RC1 KDE-3.5.10 from a KDE4 liveCD, and I have yet to boot to KDE4. I simply ensured during install that I removed the selection for auto login. I also removed the selection to give the regular user the root password.

Then at installation completion, when the PC booted to the login menu, I did not log in, but rather selected the menu item to go to a terminal log in (I can’t recall the exact terminology). I then logged in to this full screen terminal mode (run level 3), typed su to get root permissions, and then ran yast (the text mode version). In yast I correctly setup the repositories for RC1 OSS and RC1 Non-OSS. With those selected, in yast I then went to Software Management and selected the filter pattern for Base Development, for KDE3 base system. I also installed kernel-source, checkinstall and removed beagle at that time.

This was all easy because I have a wired internet connection on my home LAN.

I then exited yast and restarted, and this time at the start menu I selected KDE3. As noted, I have yet to use KDE4 since installation on my laptop hard drive.

I can’t comment much yet (on the DVD) as I had difficulty getting it to install grub on my laptop’s MBR (the liveCD install did not have that problem).

I should also mention I have a high speed no bandwidth limit connection. Those two patterns were a 1 GByte download (which was very fast due to my connection).

I have a problem with a low spec machine. I would like to try a text mode install from a LiveCD. Is this possible?

I have an external DVD drive that this pc doesn’t seem to want to boot. Doing zypper updates, I got this machine up to 11.0. Now, however, something got hosed and it won’t boot. It gets to the login (text only) and says “module not found” for every user, including root, that I try.

The main problem is that I don’t have enough memory for the live install. I’m hoping I can install from the command line.

So what is this forum for if not to report problems?

I have sent a bug report but thought others would like to know what to expect.

This install was from the dvd, not the live cd.


reporting problems is good.

But we ALSO like to report solutions. We also like to share some of the tricks of success stories. We also like to share positive reviews where such reviews are deserved.

Some of us like participating because of the community spirit, and together with that we pitch in to share and pool our knowledge and experience.

We are a volunteer forum. We are users with assorted levels of experience.

There is more to this forum than just reporting of problems. >:(


Try holding down the shift key while rebooting the suse cd/dvd.
It should give you a text install. It should (or used to). Go for a minimal install. I recommend KDE3 for an older machine.

You may have a problem with a needed driver, like a usb keyboard or something. Anyway, give it a try and see how far you get.

When you get to Yast, it will be very basic & you will have to navigate with the arrow & tab keys – may have to for everything that shows a GUI.

Good luck:)

PS: I tried on an old compac that would run windows95 & gave up.